Looking to keep it simple? Time to eliminate the extras and make Cordless blinds the choice for you. Let’s see why:

DIY Cordless Blinds are just like typical blinds, but instead of opening and closing via a pull cord, they’re operated by simply raising or lowering the bottom rail, eliminating the cord component. Aesthetically, cordless blinds offer much of the same attractive, adaptable style as their corded counterparts. They just make your space safer and bring in a more seamless appearance. Here are a few more reasons why it’s a great idea to invest in cordless blinds when you update your window treatments.

Thinking about upgrading your window treatments to something more modern, stylish and functional for your space?

DIY Blinds strives to stay tech-savvy and provide child-safe window coverings for all. Our Cordless Blinds give a simple look, with increased safety, and cutting edge window treatment technology. Cordless blinds are easy to use, even for those with accessibility issues.

Safety first! Without sacrificing simplicity and style!


  • They’re Recommended for Childproofing—The American Academy of Pediatrics (APA) recommends only using cordless window coverings in the nursery and rooms where kids will be playing. This is especially important in rooms for kids age 6 to 12 months, says the APA, as kids in this age range could reach the cords and become tangled, risking strangulation. In fact, a 2015 investigation from ABC news found that there “have been over 200 deaths associated with corded blinds and nearly 17,000 related injuries reported from 1990 to 2015”. Clearly, if you’re childproofing your home, it’s best to stick to cordless.
  • They Will Soon Be the Standard—As a result of the aforementioned safety issues, the window blind industry has launched a “Best for Kids” campaign to promote cordless blinds. This new initiative has helped to reduce the number of blinds-related injuries in children. And, as of last year, many window covering manufacturers have adopted cordless blinds as the standard. The Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently worked together to come up with a new safety standard which requires blinds to be made without accessible cords that could cause entanglement. This standard has made corded blinds safer, too, but requiring manufacturers to make the cords less accessible. Factory Direct Blinds offers many cordless blinds options with the Certified Best for Kids seal and CPSC certification.
  • Simplicity without losing Style—no treatment is quite as simplistic and sleek—but cordless blinds take that to a whole new level! With no extra components and no cords to attach, these attractive window coverings are perfect for homeowners and decorators who appreciate a neat, clean appearance. With the new standards emerging, it won’t be long before we associate corded styles with traditional or out-of-date décor, so it’s a good way to enhance your design scheme and make it feel more updated.

Reinvent your bedroom

If you’re looking to bring a new feel  to your bedroom, try swapping out your basic mini blinds with a cordless blind that brightens the room with personality. It’s a small detail, but combined with rugs, bedspreads, upholstery and furniture, it creates an atmosphere that looks intentional and comfortable to live in.

Selecting the right cordless blinds for you

DIY Blinds can help you choose your right blinds. Whether it is a motorized cordless blind from our selection of Somfy, RollEase or DIY Motors or even our styling cordless blinds, we have the right custom fit for any room in your home. Our support team is always available to help you choose the right cordless blinds for your space and budget. With an expert team, great style and easy set up your blinds will look right at home wherever you install them. You can always reach out to us by our chat support to connect with our team right away! Happy Blind shopping friend!

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